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 WILD SPECULATION: some thoughts on what's going on

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PostSubject: WILD SPECULATION: some thoughts on what's going on   Sun Oct 07, 2018 7:22 am

So, let's speculate.

In the comic panels from the Wasserstein Grail folks just assembled, there's a woman on the page where Johnny Delta and Dark Ocelot kiss (woo!) who refers to Johnny as a "man of Laminar". She's described as "like someone from another world", and helping the Germans/Nazis. She also seems like the woman described in the Grunbaum comic we're trying to assemble. A comic, I might add, that is chock full of German references (frequent use of "liebchen", comedically over the top accents, asides about German words)...It's a reach, but I could even see those clothes as being "a sumptuous purple gown that is half Renaissance and half modern couture".

We've already heard from Michael that Old Gnarly is not part of their world, and Stupefying Diversions is a company that makes stories in his world (a counterpart to our Stupefying Yarns).

Let's say this is a formative moment for Johnny Delta and he realizes there are three worlds: Earth, Laminar, and Old Gnarly. And that at least one of those doesn't have the best of intentions. So he goes off into multi-worlds mission mode when that other planet starts peering into their world (Rory's adventures with the Magic Leap PHILTR). All of this cross-talk gets the attention of Kingsrood, who seem committed to making sure no cross-pollination between worlds happens - either by recruiting people who can see between worlds like Brian, or destroying all evidence. So when Charity starts digging into the whole situation and posting vlogs about it, she and Rory make Kingsrood's naughty list, and the Bowler hat clad "porters" start going after her.

All of this seems fairly established - where I get curious is where Grunbaum fits in - based on the art assignments we've been given, our dear friend Horace P Grunbaum has some knowledge of what's going on in other worlds, and hints at a third faction in play. We know Kingsrood is one player - one of Grunbaum's assignments hid a coded message with the name, and Brian revealed a bit more. Laminar is another player in the game - and based on Michael's telex missives back home, our interests may only partially intersect. The final faction looks to be Old Gnarly, since HPG hints in the letter that "there are players in the game with powers not expressed as jetpacks."

Kind of makes you wonder what the otherworldly comics say about our world, doesn't it?
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PostSubject: Re: WILD SPECULATION: some thoughts on what's going on   Sun Oct 07, 2018 2:00 pm

It's worth noting that in laminar, either Italy did not switch sides, or the comic takes place beofore they switched sides.
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PostSubject: Re: WILD SPECULATION: some thoughts on what's going on   Tue Oct 09, 2018 8:56 am

The fact that H. P. Grunbaum was in NY (based on the postmark on my "art test" panel) makes me wonder if he is someone known to us. He definiely watches this board (since he left you a letter based on your attendance in the "head count" posting). Unfortunately, we didn't pick up all the remaining panels and I'm not sure what further steps we need to take to obtain them. I think I'm going to write our friend (assuming he escaped NY back to Pasadena) to see what we can do. Unfortunely, this is going to be done by "snail mail" since we don't have an online contact, but I feel like the ending of our story will help elucidate next steps.
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PostSubject: Re: WILD SPECULATION: some thoughts on what's going on   

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WILD SPECULATION: some thoughts on what's going on
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